Be vigilant towards emergency cases

16:45 / 12.06.2019

On June 12 Head of National Crisis Management Center, r/s colonel Hovhannes Khangeldyan’s press conference on the issues specific to summer period took place in “Hayatsk” press center.

The speaker touched upon the fires in grass areas and mentioned that 531 cases of fire were registered in the first ten-day period of June, which is 6.5 times more in comparison with the same period of the previous year. For this reason the rescue forces of MES transferred to the strengthened-regime-service by the Minister’s order.

H. Khangeldyan mentioned that the reason of the prevailing part of fires was the human factor.

“If we take as a principle that the considerable part of fires occur in grass areas, the prevailing part – in drought grass-covered areas, it is clear that the reason is the human careless behavior: when they don’t extinguish the fire after using it in open areas or when they throw cigarette out of cars. The fires broken out in the areas adjacent to the roadways form a big percentage”;- Hovhannes Khangeldyan said.

He appealed to the citizens to be very vigilant especially in the lap of nature, not to lead to the deterioration of the fire situation with artificial, inadmissible actions.

“Our citizens make emergency calls to “911” service not only in cases of accidents, but also about any kind of household problem. 8783 cases were registered in our service from January 1 to June 11, 3852 of the cases were of emergency nature and 2869 of household nature. Our citizens should realize that any emergence of an unnecessary fire, or throw of a cigarette, a bottle or a package can cause a fire”; - said H. Khangeldyan.

The speaker touched upon the cases of founding snakes or snake bites and noted that 32 cases of a snake bite were registered in Armenia in the first 5 months of the current year and one man died.

According to H. Khangeldyan a snake bites exceptionally for self-defense. 21 species of snakes exist in Armenia, 4 of them are venomous (3 species of adder and a species of blunt-nosed viper).

A journalist asked what to do if a snake had bitten, the speaker answered that you should limit the motion, bind in order to stop the blood flow and take to medical aid, as antidote is necessary in case of a venomous snake bite.

The specialist informed that the period from April to June was more dangerous, it means the period of pairing up and reproduction of snakes. “They are too aggressive in these months and the venom has a big thickness. The probability to meet snakes increases in mountainous sites or agricultural arable lands and fields. If a snake has slithered through a house, it is categorically prohibited to close all the ways of retreat and drive it into a corner. It is necessary to lead the children too far from that place and immediately call to 911 telephone number for rescuers”.

Hovhannes Khangeldyan mentioned that 5 cases of drowning were registered in 5 months.

He advised the citizens to be more vigilant and cautious.

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