Ministry of Emergency Situations equipped with safety rule knowledge

16:46 / 25.06.2019

On June 25, Rescue Forces Department of Rescue Service and Center of Disaster Medical Treatment of Ministry of Emergency Situations jointly held training course in ''Azad Pharmaceuticals'' Research Center.

The aim of the training was to equip the personnel of ''Azad Pharmaceuticals'' LLC with knowledge about fire safety rules and principles of first aid.

During the theoretical part of the course, the head of the division of organizing rescue training and rescue tournaments of Rescue Forces Department, r/s colonel M. Avetisyan presented to the staff the fire safety rules and the necessary actions to be taken in case of fire.

Then, the instructor of the educational division of the Center of Disaster Medical Treatment, r/s captain S.Tadevosyan touched the topic of the principles of first aid in case of chemical burns and poisoning.

During the practical part of the training the evacuation of the staff was implemented. The participants got acquainted with the techniques of fire extinguishers at the early stage of fire and tried to use them by themselves to extinguish a fire.

The training was initiated by the company with a special request addressed to the Minister of Emergency Situations Felix Tsolakyan.

At the end of the training course, the personnel of ''Azad Pharmaceuticals'' Research Center thanked the Minister of Emergency Situations Felix Tsolakyan and the rescuers for equipping them with the safety rule knowledge.

It should be noted that another similar exercise on firefighting was held in the same company in 2017.

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