The number of fires in the Republic of Armenia doubled as compared to last year

18:45 / 22.07.2019

It's already 2 months that the thermal waves penetrated into Armenia create the risk of a fire in the vegetative covers of the Republic. “This year the number of fires has increased, especially in grass areas. There were 1889 fires in the first half of 2017, 1702-in 2018, 3554 fires in the first half of 2019”,-Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s general-mayor, Deputy Director of the Rescue Service told journalists.

He said that in June 2019 there were 1701 fires which are 3.6 times higher than in previous years. “Due to the active use of the irrigation system and excessive humidity in Yerevan the number of fires should have decreased, but we have a different picture”.

According to him, the number of fires in vegetative covers has grown this year. “In the first half of 2017 we had 585 cases, in 2018-540, but in 2019-2104, namely the number of fires in vegetative covers has increased by 1364, which is a rather serious indicator”.

Deputy Director of the Rescue Service noticed that in 2017 we had 1064 ha of the surface of the burnt vegetative covers, in 2018 - 737, but in the first part of 2019 - 4245 ha.

Vrezh Gabrielyan said that in general, our citizens had some indifference to the environment, didn't keep fire safety rules and often part of the fires was a consequence of the human factor. The number of fires would decline if the corresponding officials of Yerevan community implement irrigation activities in time.

Touching upon the case of the fire broken out in Tsitsernakaberd he noticed that we lost a considerably large grass area and it had great significance for the city. “Previously, when the area was under the control of Yerevan municipality, it was actively irrigating, but today it isn’t irrigated. We need to create an environment in which every citizen understands using cooler areas must not set a risk of fire”.

Vrezh Gabrielyan urged the citizens to be considerate approach towards the environment, green areas and don’t create a risk of fire.

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