Consultation in the Ministry of Emergency Situations: be highly polite to citizens

17:00 / 09.08.2019

On August 9 consultation was held in the Rescue Service. Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s general-mayor, Deputy Director of the Rescue Service held the consultation.

Heads of Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments and other divisions of the Rescue Service participated in the consultation.

Heads of Regional Rescue Departments and Divisions gave reports on the implemented planned and off-site activities, cases and accidents, technical state of transport means, constructional activities being implemented in the departments of the Rescue Service, as well as summarized information relating the implementation of preventive activities during the reporting period from August 2 to 9.

During the consultation it was reported that to execute Minister’s N 825 order on August 6 divisions of the Rescue Service were implementing necessary activities in order to get prepared for the celebration of MES Worker’s Day in the due manner.

General Gabrielyan assigned to hold a review in order to get acquainted with the state of preparedness.

According to the reports fire and rescue squads implemented strengthened service during the celebration devoted to “Sparapet’ Day” held in Khndzoresk on August 7, where the Prime Minister of the RA and other high-ranking officials were present.

According to the reports of the heads of Lori and Shirak Regional Rescue Departments technical inspection of the cars provided by the Government of Japan was implemented jointly with the specialists of Japan during this week and the observed shortcomings were eliminated.

Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s general-mayor, Deputy Director of the Rescue Service, after listening to the reports, cleared out the essence of disturbing problems through questions and answers and gave necessary assignments.

He assigned the Head of Gegharkunik Regional Rescue Department to get prepared as well as possible towards Pan-Armenian Games to be held in Sevan on August 13, in case of necessity to involve additional forces. In the frameworks of the theme he assigned the Head of Yerevan Rescue Department to get prepared for the closing of Pan-Armenian games according to the list of events represented and envisaged in Yerevan.

As the amount of fires does not decrease in the Republic, General assigned to implement effective analysis of the fires in order to avoid further disasters. Head of the consultation strictly assigned to cooperate with Information and Public Relations Department and to communicate with MASS media as instructed.

V.Gabrielyan informed that repair activities would be implemented in 34 FRS.

General Gabrielyan summarized the consultation and noted that it was Minister’s requirement to be highly polite to citizens. He informed the participants of the consultation that according to Minister’s order all the rescuers who had worked overtime, would get appropriate remuneration.

In the reporting 20.696 calls were served in “911” emergency call service. 31 and 8 emergency calls were served by medical and psychological consultation centers. 88 emergency calls were served by anti-fire signal system, 139 messages were registered by “911 SMS” system. The Operative groups of the NCMS implemented 18 exits in the reporting period. 9 of the registered fires were buildings, 205 were grass areas (about 318 ha of grass cover was burnt).

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