Artificial Rock-fall

14:40 / 15.08.2019

By Minister Feliks Tsolakyan’s order on August 11-14 the Rescue Service of MES implemented artificial rock-fall in the areas adjacent to interstate, intercommunity and community roadways in various provinces of the RA.

In particular:

on the 1st km of the roadway leading to Shnogh residence of Lori province, about 25 cubic meters

on the 3rd, 5th and 6th km of Akhtala-Shamlugh roadway, about 10 cubic meters,

on Sanahin-Sarahart roadway, about 95 cubic meters,

on Debed-Dsegh roadway, about 7 cubic meters,

Karinji-Martz section of Martz-Atan roadway, about 20 cubic meters,

on the 32nd km of Vanadzor-Gyumri roadway, about 10 cubic meters,

on the 1st km of Khashtarak-Lusahovit roadway, about 15 cubic meters,

on Saravan-Vayk roadway, about 31 cubic meters,

on the 110-150th km of Kapan-Kajaran roadway, about 8 cubic meters,

near the tunnel at 1 Gortsaranayin street of Kapan town, about 4 cubic meters.

A fire unit, an operative group from the fire and rescue squad of the Regional Rescue Department and the rescue squad from the Center of Carrying Out Activities of Special Importance of the Rescue Forces Department of the Rescue Service of MES of RA were involved in rock-fall activities.

Rock-fall activities will be continual throughout the Republic.

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