MES held a conference on the ''Urgent Problems of Disaster Risk Management''

12:32 / 13.11.2019

On November 12 an international conference on the “Urgent Problems of Disaster Risk Management” started in the Crisis Management State Academy. ES Minister Feliks Tsolakyan took part in the conference.

Workers of various subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, lecturers of the Crisis Management State Academy, local specialists of the field of Disaster Risk Reduction participated in the conference.

Hamlet Matevosyan, r/s General-Major, CMSA rector welcomed the guests and noted: “We have no right to boast that our rescuers enter a dangerous area with modern outfit. This work should be done by robots, human life should be valued. Rescuing is connected with all the fields: physics, chemistry, biochemistry, health care, etc. We are not able to develop all the sciences, we should be united and direct our scientific mind to solve the problems relevant to the 21st century”.

Rector spoke about the productivity of unmanned aerial vehicles that have an opportunity to implement rescue operations on 300 m height, as well as about the necessity to establish autonomous information database: the availability of internet maps depends on the coverage of the connection and it can be an obstacle for rapid response.

Minister of Emergency Situations Feliks Tsolakyan drew attention to the growth of forest fires registered lately, as a result of them a rescuer was killed and some rescuers got injuries. “After the earthquake of Spitak it was possible to do enough work through the technical possibilities we had, but today we are not ready to resist all disasters by such means. Rescuing is based on a person, there is always an unjustified risk in it. This conference is a good experience, we need new ideas, we need support”, - said Minister.

Sergey Nazaretyan from “Territorial service of seismic protection” SNCO, Vardan Bostanjyan and Samvel Asatryan from Yerevan State University, CMSA Lecturer, r/s Colonel Valeri Bagiyan from CBRN situation monitoring Division of MES, Hamlet Melkonyan from MES Hydrometer Service. E. Muravyova, A. Ribakov and E. Alekseeva, representatives from Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev made a video call.

The themes were “Modern level of seismic security of the RA, seismic risk reduction and prevention of the risk growth, crisis management and readiness of the elimination of disaster”, “Climate change and climate risks in Armenia”, “Methodological approaches of the development of security culture and risk thinking”, “Biological Safety and Technological Approaches of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA for detecting and identifying biological impulses”, “Main problems of natural disaster risk management and ways of overcoming their consequences”.

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