Consultation in the Rescue Service of MES

15:53 / 22.11.2019

On November 22 the recurrent weekly consultation was held in the Rescue Service of MES of the RA. The consultation was held by the Minister of MES of RA Feliks Tsolakyan.

Referring to the recent incidents, the Minister emphasized that the work should be organized more intelligently, literate and purposefully, attention should be paid to the rules of wearing uniforms during firefighting activities.

Feliks Tsolakyan noted that those who are newly accepted to Rescue Service must undergo a three-month probation. It is also planned to restart certification, which allows rescuers to develop their knowledge.

The Minister touched upon the use of maps of the location and the water supply during the fire. It was assigned to Yerevan and the Regional Rescue Departments to clarify and to map all the existing water supply channels in order to make the firefighting activities more efficient and effective.

It was instructed to study the safety issues of the places with flow of large number of people and accumulations, to identify existing problems and to make suggestions to eliminate them.

On the eve of December 7, which will be celebrated as the Remembrance Day of Earthquake Death Victims and Disaster Resistance, events are planned in all regions. It was instructed to submit a plan for implementation of the events.

Heads of various Subdivisions and of Yerevan and of Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Minister reports on the ongoing constructions and repair works. Minister instructed to carry out the works with its highest quality and finish them by the end of the year.

Referring to the structural changes, F.Tsolakyan noted that optimization would make the work of the structure more efficient.

"I thank all the staff for the operative work, the only problem is the lack of equipment in our country,"-concluded the Minister.

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