Consultation in the Rescue Service of MES

15:23 / 29.11.2019

On November 29 the recurrent every week consultation of the Rescue Service was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA. The consultation was led by Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Rescue Service.

Heads of various subdivisions, Yerevan and regional rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the ongoing constructional activities and existing problems. It was assigned to clear out deadlines of constructional activities.

Director of the Service once again highlighted that the service should be implemented with strict observance of the requirements of the Code of the Rescue Service. The issue of the objective assessment of the official activity was raised.

Towards December 7, which is going to be celebrated as the Day of Remembrance for Earthquake Victims and Disaster Resistance and events are envisaged in all the provinces. Issues relating the events were discussed.

R/S General-Major Vrezh Gabrielyan gave a number of assignments connected with the disciplinary issues and effective organization of the service.

After the consultation recurrent training of the study group of the Director of the Rescue Service of MES was held. During the training a number of reports were represented. T. Gidachyan, r/s Colonel, Head of Civil Defense and Organization of the Elimination of Disaster Consequences Department gave a report on “Analysis of Disaster Risk Management Strategy”, A. Simonyan, member of MES Council of Veterans gave a report on “Organization and Implementation of Firefighting and Rescue Activities in Petroleum Products Bases”, as well as Tigran Petrosyan, r/s colonel, Head of Rescue Forces Department on “How to get the means and forces of the subdivisions of the Rescue Service of MES in firefighting, accident-rescue and household calls”.

Afterwards reports on the urgent official duties were represented.

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