The first meeting of the Public Council to ES Minister was convened

19:00 / 07.02.2020

On February 7 took place the 1st meeting of the public council to the Minister of ES led by Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations.

In the public council there are 18 persons including mainly representatives of non-governmental organizations related to the field of emergency situations.

Draft Decisions of the Government of the Republic of Armenia of RA Laws on “Disaster Risk Management and Population Protection”, as well as “Establishment of procedure for compensation of damage caused by individuals and entities as a result of emergency situations” were included in the agenda of public council meeting of today.

Interested discussion and exchange of ideas related to program took place in the working atmosphere.

Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations suggested to implement both convened and mid-term meetings of public council as well to respond to issues arised more operatively.

Public council to the Minister of ES organizes its activities through at least once every three months convened meeting. Public council was discussing the issues related to emergency situations; as a result, advisory decisions can be made.

Employees with information on the issues on the agenda, representatives of other ministries and government bodies, as well as non-governmental organizations in any way related to the issues on the agenda, media representatives and other interested persons may be convened at council meetings in addition to council members.

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