Consultation in the Rescue Service: there were 114 cases of the blockage of transport means and support was rendered to 1182 citizens

16:10 / 10.02.2020

On February 10 the recurrent consultation of the Rescue Service was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA. The consultation was led by Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Service.

Heads of various subdivisions, Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the implemented activities, issues raised during the service, as well as roadway accessibility in the Provinces of RA.

Armen Gevorgyan, r/s Colonel, Head of the Crisis Management National Center gave the reports on 114 cases of the blockage of transport means were registered connected with weather conditions. Rescuers rendered support to 1182 citizens and removed 572 means of transport blocked on the roadways to safe areas.

Director of the Service informed that a joint forest fire extinguishing plan had already been signed by Erik Gevorgyan, Minister of Nature Protection. The plan was developed jointly by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Nature Protection. Order was also signed by the Minister of ES and entered into force.

V. Gabrielyan assigned to make and present the assignments voiced by the Minister of ES during the meeting of Board Adjunct of MES, as well as a timetable based on reports in order to eliminate the issues and shortcomings and implement the recommendations.

Director of the Service emphasized that the analysis of firefighting activities must be implemented after each fire cases. Analysis of firefighting activities has to present to the central apparatus in the case of fires of public interest.

Disciplinary issues, uniform wearing rules were discussed. All Heads of Departments must be consistent so that the rescuers adhered strictly to keep the rules of wearing uniform in public places too.

Heads of the Regional Rescue Departments were assigned to summarize and present information on emergency cases, damage caused and other details to CMNC within 24 hours. That information will be summarized by CMNC and uploaded on the Ministry official website.

Arnold Harutyunyan, r/s Colonel, Head of Yerevan Rescue Department was assigned to regulate the functions of fire and rescue squads, Yerevan Rescue Department and its subdivisions formed as a result of organizational structure changes during a week.

Referring to the bonuses, Director of the Service mentioned that the transitional assessment standards for employees were developed for distribution of bonuses.

V. Gabrielyan highlighted that people who don't meet the requirements continue to be nominated for vacancies by Regional Departments. Heads of the Regional Departments were assigned to implement training activities and increase the competitiveness of their employees.

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