Minister of ES convened interdepartmental special session

16:51 / 12.02.2020

On February 12, Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations, convened a special session of the Operative Working Group with the aim of the discussion the situation in the Republic due to the weather conditions, especially the snowstorm: as a result there was accumulation of vehicles.

According to the Minister due to the severe snowstorm Goris-Sisian highway are closed from the evening of February 11 until now. The accumulation of vehicles in this part of roadway mainly related to the inauguration ceremony of soldiers: the parents of the soldiers were going to participate to the ceremony. Davit Tonoyan, Minister of Defense decided to postpone the inauguration ceremony of soldiers related to the current situation.

Minister said that many people were already informed about impassable roadways, but some of the citizens had decided to continue the roadway.

Minister once again mentioned to inform the public to be careful and continue to move in case of weather conditions improvement and passable roadways.

Citizens in need of support may contact to Syunik provinsial administration, Goris and Sisian municipalities.

Feliks Tsolakyan mentioned that the Police and MES workers made round-the-clock-patrolling at the scene, MES rescue forces implemented the activities in enhanced mode.

Minister suggested mobilizing additional forces and equipment by the cooperation with regional organizations, the Police and road construction organizations.

As a result of discussion was decided that representatives of self-government authorities will conduct checks on the spot and be ready to take care of the citizens on the roadway and support, in case of necessity.

Taking into account the suggestions of the Operative Working Group members, the Minister assigned to give regularly information to the public about the situation on impassable roadways and advise the citizens to avoid impassable roadways. 

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