Consultation in the Rescue Service

17:25 / 02.03.2020

On March 2 the recurrent consultation of the Rescue Service was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA. The consultation was led by Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Service.

Heads of various subdivisions, Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the implemented activities, issues raised during the service, as well as passable condition of roads in the Provinces of RA, maintained that Stepantsminda-Larsi highway was closed for all types of vehicles.

H. Matevosyan, r/s Major-General, Rector of Crisis Management State Academy of MES of RA reported that classes were be stopped for a week in all educational institutions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but they will continue courses by e-learning.

Vrezh Gabrielyan touched upon the topic of the day and assigned to Service Organization Department to organize the distribution of coronavirus prevention leaflets to all rescue squads for awareness.

K. Atoyan, Head of Health Care Department was assigned to be stricter, every morning to check employees and pay attention to the cases of upper respiratory tract at the aim of implementing coronavirus prevention measures. Information about medical cases of employees from the Regional Rescue Departments transfer to Health Care Department through Crisis management national center for implementing monitoring.

It was assigned to properly organize the consultation for operator of 911 call center in order to orientate the citizen in the right direction, to urge a doctor in case of such emergency calls. Specialists of the Health Care Department will answer calls in case of serious consultation.

Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments were assigned to cooperate with the Health Departments of the Regional Administrations and Yerevan Municipality for activity of coronavirus prevention, if necessary, to organize appropriate operative response.

Director of the Service also touched upon the issue of staff training and highlighted its importance. Rescue Forces Department were assigned to give the Director the report on submitting the tests based on the methodological instruction of the firefighting activities implementation features in high-rise buildings in the territory of RA until the end of the week.

Rear and Logistics Department was assigned to generalize and present the list of unrepaired buildings of fire and rescue squads until March 3 for organization further activities.

Director of the Service assessed the training for the month of February of the training group under the RS Director and said that this was the first time that the theoretical knowledge of the employees had been combined with practical skills in the training.

V. Gabrielyan also touched upon the issues related with the Rescue Service activity during the consultation.

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