MES is with you in any situation

14:20 / 03.04.2020

The Ministry of Emergency Situations remains faithful to his mission.

Since the state of emergency was declared in the Republic all the departments of the Rescue Service have been operating in an enhanced manner  by the order of the Minister of ES Feliks Tsolakyan in order to respond to all of the emergency calls of the citizens along with the preventive measures of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Reserve groups have been formed.

If necessary, they will be involved in the responding process of firefighting and household calls as additional forces.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations actively implements actions in the fight against the Coronavirus and cooperates with all the institutions.

In recent days, particularly the Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service, the Crisis Management National Center, the Health Care Department and the Psychological Assistance Division have been working with overload.

increase in the quantity in functions does not affect the quality, anyways.

MES is with you in any situation.

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