On May 19 MES implemented 1194 disinfection activities

13:00 / 20.05.2020

The Ministry of Emergency Situations continues daily disinfection activities throughout the Provinces of the Republic and in Yerevan city.

Daily disinfection activities are implemented in clinics, medical centers, maternity hospitals, pharmacies, banks, credit organizations, markets, shopping centers, supermarkets, and other public places.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations provides disinfection to all the communities that have applied for. The residential buildings are also being disinfected if necessary.

On May 19 the rescuers carried out 1194 disinfection activities: 832 in the Provinces and 362 in Yerevan city.

The rescuers maintained all the safety rules. The vehicles, the property and the uniforms of the subdivision are being disinfected daily.

The most crowded places are being disinfected several times per day. 

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