Congratulatory message of Feliks Tsolakyan on the MES employee day

10:36 / 04.09.2020

Dear employees of the system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations!

Generals, Officers,

ladies and gentlemen rescuers, dear veterans, dear compatriots,

for the well-known reasons, this year we are celebrating the professional holiday of the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in emergency situation.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, September 4 is the holiday of the employee of the most humanitarian power structure on the planet.

It is the most humanitarian, because despite wearing a uniform and military service, the rescuer carries out exclusively humanitarian functions risking his or her own life for saving others.

The rescuer is a rank that combines strength and kindness, rescuer's love and care for our people and state.

Dear compatriots,

since the establishment of the Ministry, actually a lot of things had been done for the system. As a result of consistent and dedicated activity we succeeded to create a structure from the scratch that is able to render assistance not only to us, but also to our friend-peoples during risk and misery situations. Our rescuers are compatible to the ones of advanced countries in sense of skills and experience.

Of course, it does not mean that there is no place for improvement and we should settle for what we have.

Emergency Situations system is a living organism and it should run parallel with the world that is changing day by day and becoming more and more complex. The quality of challenges and geography of the system is being changed from year to year. The risk of disasters has increased in parallel with technological development, which obliges the states, the international community, the large rescue family and all to be united around the common goal: to be even more vigilant, make efforts for disaster-resistant states and have people prepared for disasters.

The elimination of disaster consequences is dozen times more expensive pleasure for states and peoples than its prevention.

The world is moving in the following direction, which is why advanced countries prefer to make as much targeted investments as possible in this most important sphere.

I would be happy to mention that with the support of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, we are also following the example of the advanced countries.

I wish success and good luck to you and your families.

Especially during these difficult months, each of you keeps both the honor and dignity of the Ministry of Emergency Situations system and rescuer high, which is, of course, appreciated by the direct management and, more importantly, by our people.

Thank you for your service.

Conscience and peace to all of us… 

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