September 4 is MES employee day

14:00 / 04.09.2020

The Rapid Response Rescue Squad was created by the resolution No. 359 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia issued on September 4, 1997 with the main objectives of implementing rescue operations in disaster area, providing appropriate professional assistance to the population in case of emergencies as soon as possible, as well as carrying out rehabilitation activities in case of disasters and accidents.

September 4 is celebrated as the day of the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA. The profession of the employees of the MES, the most humanitarian force structure, is unique and aimed to save lives even at the cost of their own.

The core of the mission of the rescuer is love and care, combined with a high awareness of responsibility. Compassion and professionalism create the real image of today's rescuer, who is completely dedicated to his or her work.

The citizens congratulated the employees of the MES and expressed their opinion on humanitarian activities. The survey was implemented in the provinces of the Republic. 

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