Two Fire and Rescue Squads buildings are under construction in Shirak

15:32 / 18.01.2021

The buildings of N 2 Fire and Rescue Squad of Gyumri town and N 53 Fire and Rescue Squad of Akhuryan will be fully ready in the middle of the year. The construction is funded by the US Government. Andranik Piloyan, the Minister of Emergency Situations got acquainted with the construction process, continuing to keep the tasks of the Regional Rescue Squads on the agenda of the new working year.

The last visits of the Minister were to Shirak, Aragatsotn, Gegharkunik, Kotayk Regional Rescue Departments. Andranik Piloyan toured the Fire and Rescue Squads, Regional Crisis Management Centers. The Minister was present at the process of dispatching to the scene of the fire units. The existing issues were reported to him: mainly issues with the equipment replenishment were raised. The Minister assured that the issues would be solved in a short time. Andranik Piloyan accentuated the increase of the level of the physical training of the rescuers. Frequent sports tests will be held on his assignment.

The Minister emphasized that his demand is that everyone implement their responsibilities conscientiously and honestly, contributing to the development of the system. 

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