MES sums up the previous week, 406 cases were recorded, out of which 132 were emergent

15:18 / 31.10.2022

From October 24 to 30, 406 cases were recorded in the Crisis Management National Center of RS of MES, out of which 132 were emergent, including 63 fires, 2 collapses, 7 suicide attempts, 56 road traffic accidents, as well as 178 calls on household issues. 96 people were injured.

Overall 16 deaths were recorded during the previous week.

7 poisoning cases were recorded.

Due to the weather conditions and other factors 6 cases of transportation means blocking were reported. Rescuers rendered aid to 8 citizens and removed 6 transportation means that were blocked on the road to a secure location.

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia urges to be vigilant and to keep strictly security rules both in household issues and on the road.

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