“Survey for Seismic Protection” Agency

Historical Profile

Spitak 1988 Earthquake have proved the deficiency of Seismic protection system in Armenia. The state and population are not prepared to cope with devastating earthquake though it is not a secret that major earthquakes was occurred and will be occurred in Armenia. There were numerous faults and shortcomings in yet all the fields of seismic protection.

Two decisive steps were performed to improve the situations. First, creation as state management body the National Surveu for Seismic Protection on July 17, 1991 which had the mandate to coordinate all the activities in seismic protection. Second, elaboration and implementation two strategic State Programs on Seismic risk reduction in the territory of Armenia and Yerevan-city in 1999. The Law on Seismic Protection in 2002, Concept on Earthquake Safety approved by the President of RA and Action Plan with 18 paragraphs emerged from the Concept.

The principal objective of Survey for Seismic Protection is the seismic risk reduction in the territory of Armenia including ensuring population regular living and mitigation the earthquake consequences. National multi-parameter observation network comprise more than 150 stations which are integrated into regional and international networks.