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ES Minister Davit Tonoyan Visited Sochi Rescue Squads

16:15 / 16.02.2018

RA ES Minister Davit Tonoyan who participated in the 17th Investment Forum in Sochi, Russia visited the local subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

The Minister visited the best in 2014 in Russia the fire-rescue detachment N19 that provided the Olympic Park security, there he visited Sochi Garrison History Museum, and then got acquainted with the fire-rescue property of the Squad and the latest samples of techniques used there (e.g. fire trucks which were used in tunnels and intended for rescue and fire-extinguishing activities, a rapid response motorcycle, a quadricycle, air flows management systems, etc,.)

Minister Davit Tonoyan also visited MES operative headquarters ensuring the safe functioning of the RF Investment Forum and Sochi branch of the Crisis Management Center that was established as part of the preparatory work to ensure security at Olympic Games in 2014.

The subdivision is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and technologies, thanks to which a round the clock monitoring of operative situation (including cosmic) is being carried out. Different geo-information systems are used for this purpose through which the floods, the World ocean, the fire-dangerous situation, etc. are being monitored. The center is connected to the “Safe City” system, which enables to follow the situation through the cameras installed in the city.

Next, RA ES Minister Davit Tonoyan visited the RF MES Southern Region’s search and rescue detachment, got familiarized with local special emergency- rescue equipment, field hospital, diving, alpinist and mountain rescue equipment, special devices intended for man-made emergency accidents as well as met with the medical staff members of the detachment. 

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