Weather forecast in Armenia

5 Day Weather Forecast

00:00 / 31.03.2015

In the Republic

On April 1st in the evening in other locations there is possibility of a short rain, on 3-4 precipitation is expected.

On April 2-5 no precipitation is expected.

Western wind direction is 3-8 m/ps.

Air temperature on April 2 will increase to 2-3 degrees, in eastern parts about 3-4 degrees, at daytime of 2-3 will decrease to 2-3 degrees and on 4 will decrease 5-7 degrees.

In Yerevan

On April 1 from time to time, in second daytimethere is possibility of a short rain, on 3-4 from time to time the rain is expected.

On April 2through 5 no precipitation is expected.


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