Weather forecast in Armenia

5 Day Weather Forecast

14:30 / 20.04.2015

In the Republic

At night of April 21-24 from time to time in most regions on 25 at daytime in eastern parts rain, storm and hail is predicted, on 21 at night in the north parts the heavy rain is predicted, 23-24 in the highlands parts the wet snow is predicted.

The South West wind speed is 5-10 m/s. On 21-22 in separate places the wind speed may exceed up to 20-25 m/s.

On April 21-24 the air temperature will go down by 5-7 degrees and in the daytime it will increase by 2-3 degrees.

In Yerevan

On April 21-24 and 25 at night from time to time rain and storm is predicted, during the thunderstorm the wind speed may exceed up to 15-20 m/s.

On April 25 there will be no precipitations.

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