Weather forecast in Armenia

5 Day Weather Forecast

13:41 / 18.08.2015


On August 16-20 the territory of the republic will be under the influence of tropical air masses, especially in the valleys there’s high fire risk. It is advised to avoid sun rays and physical activities: this refers especially those people who have light skin and health problems.

In the Republic

On August 19 mostly in northern regions, on 23 short rain with thunderstorm is expected. South-western wind speed is 2-5 m/s, during thunderstorm wind speed may reach up to 15-20m/s. On August 19 air temperature will go up by 1-2 degrees, in eastern parts by 3-5 degrees, then on 21-23 will go down by 4-5, in eastern parts by 7-8 degrees.

In Yerevan

On August 19 no precipitation is predicted, 21-22 thunderstorm is possible in the evenings, there is a small chance of rain, on August 23 short rain with thunderstorm is predicted. During thunderstorm wind speed may exceed up to 15-20 m/s.


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