Weather forecast in Armenia

5 Day Weather Forecast

13:02 / 22.01.2016

In the Republic

On the second half of January 23, on 24-26 in most regions precipitation is predicted. On 23-24 in the valleys the precipitation will be in the form of snow. At night of 23 and on 27 in separate places no precipitation is predicted.

The South West wind speed is 8-12 m/s. In separate places the wind speed may exceed up to 20-25 m/s. In some regions storm, black-ice and poor visibility is predicted.

On January 24-27 the air temperature will gradually go down by 12-15 degrees.

In Yerevan

At night of January 23 and on 27 no precipitation is predicted. On the second half of January 23, on 24 - sleet and on 25-26 snow is predicted.

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