Weather forecast in Armenia

5-Day Weather Forecast

14:13 / 10.03.2022

In the Republic

In the daytime of March 10, on 11-13 from time to time in most regions, on 14-15 in separate regions precipitation is predicted, in separate parts - intensive: in the mountainous regions and foothills in the form of snow, in some mountainous regions snowstorm, low horizontal visibility is predicted. On March 14 no precipitation is predicted.

West wind speed is 2-5 m/s, on March 10-13 in separate regions wind speed may reach up to 15-20 m/s.

The air temperature on March 12-15 will go down by 6-8 degrees.


In Yerevan

In the daytime of March 10, on 11-12, in the daytime of 13 from time to time rain is predicted, on March 10-11 thunderstorm is possible. On March 14-15 in separate parts of the city light and short precipitation is predicted. In the daytime of March 11 wind speed may reach up to 14-18 m/s.


"Hydrometeorology and monitoring center" SNCO of ME of RA

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